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Sumner County Emergency Management is responsible for providing
planning, support, response, and mitigation of natural disasters.  While any
natural disaster can strike Sumner County, it is most prone to tornadoes
and floods.
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Sumner County lies amid "Tornado Alley", an area in the central plain states
that, because of climate conditions, is prone to the formation of more
tornadoes than anywhere else in the world.  While the total number of
tornadoes experienced is unknown, there are a few that stand out as
memorable.  Data collected between 1950 and 1995 indicate there have
been 40 confirmed tornadoes in Sumner County, leaving five dead and
seven injured.

May 27, 1892 - A storm cell that killed three people in Harper County
dropped a tornado on the southwest side of Wellington.  The twister moved
east along Harvey Street to Washington Avenue, then turned north,
dissipating just south of the Sumner County Courthouse at Washington &
Seventeen person were kills and over 100 injured.  Seventeen downtown
businesses were destroyed.
The storm cell continued east into Cowley County where it spawned another
tornado killing two near Kellogg.

1917 - The town of Zyba in north-central Sumner County was literally wiped
off the map, never to rebuilt.  The only remains of the town is the "Zyba
Bridge" which crosses the Ninnescah River on West Road.

May 25, 1955 - The tornado which has gained fame as the "Udall Tornado"
initially touched down in Kay County, Oklahoma and moved north into
Sumner County, Kansas.  Narrowly missing the town of Ashton, the F3
tornado struck a home and killed five children north of Oxford.  It continued
a north-northeast path until it crossed over into Cowley County where it
grew to an F5 rating and destroyed the town of Udall.

March 13, 1990 - An F3 tornado touches down west of Caldwell, traveling
north nearly 20 miles before dissipating.  One farmstead was destroyed
near Mayfield.

April 26, 1991 - The same storm cell that spawned the Wichita/Andover
tornado initially dropped a twister near Argonia.  The funnel then
dissipated, but the cell regenerated a tornado near Clearwater where it
made its way northeast towards Andover.

May 25, 1997 - A large wedge shaped tornado developed south of Argonia
and moved east, narrowly missing the town of Perth.  On the ground for
over 20 miles, the tornado destroyed homes south of Wellington before
dissipating near the Kansas Turnpike.

May 3, 1999 - A storn cell in north central Sumner County dropped a tornado
west of the town of Peck.  Two homes were damaged causing minor
injuries. The same storn cell spawn another twister further north, striking
and causing extensive damage to the city of Haysville.

May 29, 2004 - A tornado north of Argonia damaged rural homes before it
made its way northeast towards Conway Springs.  Severe damage occured
to a rural housing development south of Conway Springs.

June 11, 2004 - A tornado in northeast Sumner County caused extensive
damage to rural homes east and southeast of Mulvane, Kansas.

August 27, 2004 - A surprise tornado touched down one mile south of
Wellington.  Movement was little as it destroyed one home.
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Radar image of hook echo as
tornado passes south of Perth.
NWS Map showing track of
Argonia/Conway Springs tornadoes.
NWS Radar image of
Argonia/Conway Springs hook echo.